Corrective Skin Care


Developed more than a decade ago, this cosmetic procedure will safely exfoliate dead skin cells to reveal fresh and healthy skin. All of our treatments include lactic acid preparation followed by a customized mask according to the needs of your skin. Packages are also available.
45 min - $120/Series of 5 – $500

Detox Treatment with Extraction Facial

An excellent choice for detoxifying all skin types. Helps to reduce blemishes by minimizing impacted follicles. Anti-bacterial in nature this treatment may be performed weekly or incorporated in between peels or facials for blemish control and maintenance.
60 min - $90

Pumpkin Exfoliation Treatment Beta-C

Mask uses fruit acids and enzymes to decrease oxidative and free radical damage. It aids healing and provides vitamins and nutrition necessary for a smooth, glowing skin.
45 min - $85

PCA Peel with Hydraquinone

This treatment is designed for aiding in the correction of sun damage, pigment discolorations incurred from sun exposure, pregnancy, hormones or medications. This peel is user friendly to all skin types.
45 min - $125

PCA Peel with Hydraquinone/Resorcinol

This formulation is designed for skin types that are thicker, oilier, and more resilient. Excellent for asphyxiated and problematic skin.
45 min - $115

Sensi Peel

A formulation specifically designed for sensitive skin types. The combined solutions are a blend of lactic acid and trichloracetic acid. It also contains Meadowfoam oil, an essential fatty acid that nourishes the skin. Plant derived progesterone leaves the skin plump and hydrated.
45 min - $120